Prestige Performances

These performances take place in New York City at Centennial Memorial Hall, and provide performance opportunities for emerging classical musicians (vocal and instrumental) in both an ensemble and solo setting. Cutting edge programming is integral to the series, which features a panoply of genres, featuring everything from clas­sical to pop, re-establishing the orches­tra as a viable and multifaceted musical vehicle that is still relevant in today’s musical society.

Untold Legacies of Black Composers

The face of classical music has, histori­cally, been that of a person of European descent. The training and education of amateurs and professionals alike have largely reflected this imbalanced repre­sentation. The study of musical history is a major component in the pursuit of a performance degree, and yet there is an undeniable void as it relates to classical musicians with Black heritage, composers and performers who have been significant influencers of western classical music throughout the centuries.

Prodigy Education Outreach

The Prodigy educational outreach program is designed to involve students and developing professionals, providing masterclass and workshop opportunities with visiting Prestige Performance Artists. Prodigy participants will be chosen by an artistic com­mittee, composed of distinguished musicians from elite ensembles and educational institu­tions based in the Greater New York Metropolitan region. Diversity will play a central role in the selection process.

Top Techs Internships

Ovation Concerts will partner with Life Light Street Productions, whose mission is to help at-risk students and young adults and instill hope for a second chance, to develop knowledge in tele­vision production and college preparation, and to build access to professional networks and alternative career paths. These young adults will be provided opportunities to assist with various aspects of audio and video technical production of the Prestige performances.