Prestige Performances

Prestige Performances

Prestige Performances take place in New York City at Centennial Memorial Hall and provide performance opportunities for emerging classical musicians (vocal and instrumental) in both an ensemble and solo setting.

Cutting edge programming is integral to the series, which features a panoply of genres, featuring everything from classical to pop, re-establishing the orchestra as a viable and multifaceted musical vehicle that is still relevant in today’s musical society.

Ovation Symphony Orchestra

The Ovation Symphony Orchestra is a per service professional orchestra with appointment/placement by audition. It is part of each concert and functions as both a featured ensemble and accompanying ensemble for Prestige and Emerging artists. There is a heavy focus on audition recruitment for minorities, in particular, African Americans. The goal is to have an audition pool with a minimum of 50% African-American representation for announced vacancies. There is no age limit. Balanced diversity is a major goal of ethnic representation of the symphony.

Emerging Artists

This emerging talent has the opportunity to perform with established world-renowned artists. They will also provide leadership for workshop and master classes throughout out the concert series. Musicians of African-American heritage are strongly encouraged to apply and participate.

Ovation Concerts defines emerging
artists as musicians with professional discipline who have some level of professional achievement but not a substantial record of accomplishment; those who embrace challenges and are not afraid to take risks; those who are diligent in their approach to creation, collaboration and production of music; and
those who are not recognized as established artists by other artists, producers, critics, and arts administrators. We foster
artistic development and professional accomplishment; and we look to engender recognition in the classical field as well
as notoriety across genres.

Coaching Incentive

Ovation Concerts will sponsor three private coaching sessions with members of the New York Philharmonic or Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for the top African-American applicant on each instrument that was not selected for the orchestra’s roster
during each round of auditions.