Ovation Concerts’ founding board member and Executive Director, Burt Mason, has a uniquely varied art background drawing him to this endeavor. Mr. Mason holds a BA in Music with highest honors, in addition to a Performer’s Certificate.


Ovation Concerts was formed with the purpose of presenting artistically diverse, world-class musical performances for the lower Manhattan community. We provide a high level of artistic return to intrigue, educate and provide enrich­ment for all in attendance.

Ovation Concerts is a not-for-profit organization formed to immediately impact the representation of minorities in orchestral music. We endeavor to provide unique and meaningful arts programming for children and adults, educate audiences and artists alike, provide significant exposure for emerging performing artists and build a lifelong audience for areas of the arts that have been long overlooked in performance and curriculum. Three principles guide us in making immediate impact and change…

Engage. Educate. Enlighten.

Our Mission

To promote balanced diversity in the performing arts and foster immediate change in the representation of orchestral and classical music with the fierce urgency of now through performance, education, discussion and dialogue.