Untold Legacies of Black Composers

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Ovation Concerts

Ovation Concerts is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of New York, which has been formed to immediately impact the representation of minorities in orchestral music. We endeavor to provide unique and meaningful arts programming for children and adults, educate audiences and artists alike, provide significant exposure for emerging performing artists and build a lifelong audience for areas of the arts that have been long overlooked in performance and curriculum.



The performing art commuunity is in great need of ethnic diversity, particularly in classical music. Despite a flourishing minority artist community in New York, these issues have not been effectively addressed. There is vast underrepresentation of minorities of throughout the world of classical music in both performance and admininistrative roles.

Prestige Performances

This emerging talent has the opportunity to perform with established world renowned artists. They will also provide leadership for workshop and master classes throughout out the concert series.

Legacies of Black Composers

The face of classical music has, historically, been that of a person of European descent. The training and education of amateurs and professionals alike have largely reflected this imbalanced representation.

Prodigy Education Outreach

The Prodigy educational outreach program is designed to involve students and developing professionals, providing masterclass and workshop opportunities with the visiting Prestige Performance Artists.

Toptech Internships

Ovation Concerts will partner with Life Light Street Productions, whose mission is to help at-risk students and youngs adults and instill hope for a second chance to develope knowledge in television production.